Author of the PIANO GYM & FINGER GYM BOOK Series

A master’s graduate from Germany majored in Piano & Chamber Music as well as Music Pedagogy, Alice who based in Singapore, is a very active & experienced music trainer-mentor & pedagogue. She also equips preschool principals & teachers at tertiary levels. Along with her husband James, she has been regularly co-conducting creative piano workshops for young pianists & teachers’ workshops/seminars since 1998 in Singapore & Malaysia. In 2017 together with James, she co-founded eMusiKinder Academy to help foster integrative music learning online.

Alice believes in the strong synergy between creativity, music learning & music making and that it should not be broken. For this reason, Alice & James formed the MusiKinder Ensemble (with their music students) in 1998, and with its much-acclaimed frequent public performances, it eventually grew to become Musikinder ArtSkool in 2005.

Alice has always been a great advocate of the Multiple Intelligences Approach in her pedagogical philosophy & practice which is apparent in her GYM books that co-synced with other best teaching methods (Kodaly, Delcroze, Carl Orff etc.) for more effective & complete whole-brain learning experience.

Besides being frequently invited as guest lecturer at various tertiary music institutes including Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, she is a prolific author, sedulously writing for her upcoming music book project for toddlers & preparing music exam related materials for publication.

Books published:

Finger Gym Method Book (5 mins a day) series (Age 4 & above)
Level A & Level B

Finger Gym for Piano
Ensemble Gym
Aural Gym
Fun Art Gym

Book 1 (Gd 1-2)
Book 2 (Gd 3-4)
Book 3 (Gd 5-6)
Book 4 (Gd 7-8)

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